The laboratory lessons in this section are designed for high school Family and Consumer Science teachers throughout the country, and were developed by the Home Baking Association and sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission.
Lessons are listed in sections and will require Acrobat Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint.


Baking Labs for Secondary FCS Classrooms (PDF)
Section 1: Why Learn to Bake (PDF)
Overview of outcomes and benefits baking skills offer.
Section 2: Grain Foods' Contribution to Health and Wellness
Board the Grain Train (PowerPoint) 
Reviews grain food nutrition basics, FDA whole grain health claim and Dietary Guidelines.
Section 3: Reference Handouts
Baking Glossary of Terms, Techniques and Ingredients
Baking Measurements and Substitutions
Essential reference handouts for students and teachers.
Section 4: Baking Science from Field to Flour
Field to Flour (PowerPoint)
Wheat and milling history and science, selecting wheat varieites and flours for different food products.
Section 5: Baking Science from Flour to Table
Flour to Table (PowerPoint) 
Baking Ingredient Functions. Three segments covering basic functions in Quick Breads, Yeast Breads and Cookies.


Comparing Flours (PDF) - Flour Absorption Test
Baking Labs: Muffin Lab, English Muffin Bread
Leavening Logic (DOC) - Chemical, yeast, air and eggs
Baking Lab: Waffles
Yeast Science (PDF) - Yeast bread history and science
Baking Lab: Focaccia
Fat Functions (PDF) - (PLUS: toasting nuts; conditioning dried fruit)
Baking Lab: Scones
Salt Savvy (PDF) - Examine why salt is critical in yeast breads
Baking Lab: Pita Bread
Milk Matters (PDF) - Is scalding old-fashioned, or essential?
Baking Lab: Milk Bread
Substitution Science (PDF) - Experience the effects of changing fat, flour and liquid in everyone's favorite cookie.
Baking Lab: Cookie Science - crisp, light and chewy
Whole Grains and Consumers (PDF) - "Three whole grain servings are key." How tought and tasty is it to bake with shole wheat flour?
Baking Lab: Consumers taste Test Whole Wheat Bread
Shaping 101 (PDF) - Value-added baking
Baking Lab: The Art of Dough Shaping
Demonstrated Knowledge and Skill:
Community Service Learning Experiences
Bakers Lend a Humane Hand for People and Pet Shelters
High Yield Bake Sales
Baking Resources and References