About Us

The National Festival of Breads website is the online voice of the Kansas Wheat Commission's U.S. consumer education unit. This website is one way we achieve our goal of delivering top-notch information on wheat foods, wheat food products and baking assistance.

The Kansas Wheat Commission was established in 1957 by Kansas wheat farmers to provide a means of promoting Kansas-grown wheat through promotion, education, research and market development. Each year, farmers voluntarily contribute two cents from each bushel of wheat grown in Kansas, to the Kansas Wheat Commission.

One of the KWC's goals is to educate consumers on a variety of topics, including wheat foods nutrition, cooking and baking, and understanding wheat food products. The KWC has an archive of  wheat food recipes, baking tips and suggestions to help today's consumers easily use healthy, wholesome and homegrown wheat each day.

The National Festival of Breads website is our outreach for all these goals. Recipes have been tested in our kitchen, and all baking information, tips and tricks have been approved and are proven by Cindy Falk, nutrition educator, and many of our "Speak for Wheat" Spokespersons, a group of volunteer nutritionists, homemakers and teachers who enjoy educating consumers and ensuring success in your kitchen!