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Cross out the letters G, J, K, Q, U and Z to reveal good things wheat foods provide for your growing body.

C  O  M P  L E  X  C  A  R B  O  H  Y D R  A  T E S  
      F  I  B E  R       L O  W   F  A T      
       V  I  T A  M I N S                    
                        P  R O T E I  N 

Scrambled Up with Wheat

Unscramble these words.

1. tproxe - selling products to another country


2. ceosnrev - saving the soil


3. ebmocni - cuts, separates and cleans grain at the same time


4. lubshe - wheat is often bought and sold by this unit of measurement


5. dahr der - class of wheat used to make bread
hard red


Beyond the Table

When you hear the word “wheat,” do you automatically think of bread, pasta and other wheat foods? 

Did you know that wheat can be used for things other than food? Wheat and wheat straw have many alternative uses that make wheat a valuable crop. 

Place an X beside the products that contain wheat.

_X__  shampoo
_X__  particle board
_X__  pet and livestock feed
_X__  paper
_X__  laundry detergent
_X__  spaghetti
_X__  glues
_X__  packaging peanuts
_X__  pizza

Did you know all of these products contained wheat in them?

If you placed an X beside all of the products listed you were correct! Even paper and glue contain wheat!

Choose Grain Foods

What foods are in the grain group?

Any food made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley or another cereal grain is a grain product.

Put a “G” beside those foods that belong to the grain group.

_G__  tortillas
_G__  oatmeal
____  yogurt
____  french fries
_G__  breakfast cereal
_G__  whole wheat bread
_G__  popcorn
____  sweet potato
_G__  crackers
_G__  pasta