Danny Lee


Hello, so for one item on our menu we want to stuff a bread with variety of ingredients, such as a chicken pesto, korean bbq, eggs and sausages, and etc. we will hollow a bread out probably like a (5in). some what like a hot pocket... first question is what is the best type of bread to you that will last in a warming drawer because it will be pre made and sitting for a few hours. Second question is would it get soggy? 


The filled bread that I make most often are bierrocks, a Russian/German meat-filled bread dough. I prepare a basic yeast dough recipe made with yeast, water, sugar, salt, all-purpose flour (may be part whole wheat) and shortening. White or whole wheat frozen dough is an option too. I find the most important step is to thoroughly drain the cooked vegetables (cabbage, onions) so the bread does not become soggy. Also, bake within 30 minutes after adding the filling to prevent a doughy layer. Bierrocks can be made ahead of time, cooled, packaged and frozen then re-warmed. Or, cool the bierrocks and placed them in the refrigerator until serving time. Warm in oven or microwave and they never seem to be soggy if you drain the filling thoroughly. 
Hope this helps you with your stuffed bread item on your menu. 

Cindy Falk, Home Economist 
Nutrition Educator