Andrea Hilyard


Regarding Bake and Take month: in the past, there has been a contest in which participants share their Bake and Take experience and are entered into a drawing for a gift basket and/or a cookbook. Will that be happening in 2014? (A 4-H member would like to know) 



Thank you so much for your question about Bake and Take Month! Yes, there will be a prize handed out this year. When participants share their story of Bake and Take Month they will be entered to win a "book bundle" including the Home Baking Association's popular "Baking with Friends," the Kansas Wheat Commission's "Kansas Gold," and a $100 King Arthur Flour gift card. 

We will be sending a press release out tomorrow with more details about Bake and Take Month. I will make sure that when we send it out tomorrow morning it goes to the email you included for this question. 

Thank you so much for your interest in Bake and Take Month and we hope to see your 4Her's entry!