‘Have Yourself A Time’ at National Festival of Breads with Repeat Finalist’s Recipe

April 26, 2019

Shauna Havey's Story

By Mary Marsh, Communications Intern

Shauna Havey of Roy, Utah, is a finalist in the National Festival of Breads Food Blogger Division. Her recipe for Beetroot Amaretto Rolls was inspired by her love of sweets and her favorite vegetable, beets! She developed a tender, sweet bread recipe infused with almonds to highlight the vibrant color and earthy taste of beets, for a roll that is truly unique, beautiful and delicious.

For years, Havey has been hosting dinner parties and get-togethers for her friends, but it was her husband who encouraged this National Festival of Breads finalist to begin her journey as a food blogger. Havey’s husband expressed how he thought she was a great cook and should do more with this hobby that she loves so much. She already enjoyed writing, so creating a blog would be an easy addition.

“My family is the inspiration for everything I do,” Havey said.

When Havey began her blog, http://haveyourselfatime.com, in 2012, she began looking for a way to set herself apart and happened across a food photography contest offered by Food Network Magazine. She recognized this as an opportunity to earn credibility for her blog. She won the contest and received both recognition from Food Network Magazine, and a prize of a professional camera, which she still uses today to document the food she creates.

As a self-proclaimed “health-nut,” Havey emphasizes the important balance of food and exercise for a healthy lifestyle. She is an avid weightlifter and outdoor enthusiast and manages a career in social services. As a mom, she prioritizes feeding her children nutritious meals. Making her own food, especially when it comes to baked goods, is important because she knows exactly what is fueling the people she loves most. She’d like her blog to inspire others in their pursuit of a healthy and happy life.

Havey utilizes Instagram to reach out to her readers and audience. She aims to inspire her followers to create their own creative, nutritious recipes containing quality ingredients. In addition to her blog and social media platforms, she has appeared on national cooking shows, makes regular cooking segment appearances on local television, and volunteers her time for cooking education in schools and at her home state fair. She continues to publish recipes and food photography in both local and national publications.

“I never pass up an opportunity,” Havey said. “Sharing my food creations with others in any format has helped my family become more engaged with the community we live in, and that matters to us.”

Havey is excited to head to Kansas for her second National Festival of Breads competition. She was also a finalist in 2017 with her whole grain Butternut Romesco Braid. The competition was a positive experience, affording her the opportunity to learn more about the art of wheat breadmaking. She looks forward to sharing her new bread recipe with the festival and to participate in all the educational and fun activities planned by those who truly love to bake delicious wheat breads.