How to measure flour

August 20, 2012

One of the most frequently asked questions of home bakers after following one of our recipes step by step is," Why did it not turn out?" The first question we ask them is, "How did you measure the flour?"

Improper measuring is probably the number one reason recipes fail. Flour is essential for the structure of a home baked goodie. Too much flour and your product will be tough and dry; too little and it may collapse as soon as you pull it out of the oven.

Sharon Davis, Family and Consumer Sciences Education teacher for the Home Baking Association, shared with me a few tips and tricks for foolproof flour measuring time after time.

Davis says to "think fluffy" when measuring flour. To ensure your flour is fluffed to perfection, don't leave it in the bag. Rather, put it in any sealable container that way it is easy to use a spoon or utensil of choice to fluff up the flour before you heap it into a measuring cup.

Be sure to use a DRY measuring cup, then fluff the flour into the cup andlevel it off with a straight edge tool. Davis ensures that the "fluff, level" method of measuring flour will ensure your recipe is a success each time you make it. 

by Nicole Stieben